Top 10: What we are looking forward to during Sundance Film Festival 2019


At the end of January each year our quaint town of Park City, UT becomes a space for Hollywood elite and regular people to come together for film, food, parties and panels.  Here is what we are most looking forward to!


1.      The New York Times Opinion section will be hosting a Premiere screening and Conversation “Traveling While Black”.  The times always comes through with a great discussion. 


2.      The Discovery Channel’s celebration of “TIGERLAND” an American war drama.  A party for a movie premier is always a good time.


3.      WELLHAUS Presented By Charlotte’s Web – a health & wellness-focused lounge taking place during the Sundance Film Festival featuring the first ever CBD Gastropub in Park City, Charlotte’s Web Retreat lounge.  They are also offering a Herbal Chef Infusion Dinner Series for a fee.


4.      Girl’s Lounge at Sundance.  We are not sure what will be happening but we will check it out.  More info later!


5.      ChefDance- ChefDance returns to Park City during the 2019 Sundance Film Festival for its 16th year of culinary celebration. Five nights of decadent eats, courtesy of the world’s most skilled chefs, live performances, notable company, as well as the most prominent films.ChefDance events are held in the Memorial Building located at 427 Main Street in Park City on January 25th through January 29th on ground floor. For these five nights of ChefDance cocktail receptions will run from 7-8pm, and dinner from 8-10pm. These events are invite only. Guests can expect drinks and a full course dinner.


6.      Welcome to Utah Reception.  This is being held at the Utah Film Studio.  We have always wanted to go inside.  This should be interesting.


7.      Chase Cardmember Lounge.  A cozy spot to recharge our phones and grab a latte.


8.      Safe Space- Lounge, happy hour, yoga, happy hour.  Panels and late night parties.  


9.      New Frontier Premiere Party- #Eminem please stand up!



Debbie Durkin’s EcoLuxe Lounge at Sundance

Debbie Durkin’s EcoLuxe Lounge

Sundance 2017

Featuring: Choices Recovery and Shriners For Children Medical Center

Jason Ritter was all smiles at Debbie Durkin’s 10th Annual EcoLuxe Lounge during the 2017 Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah.

RHOOC star, Gretchen Christine Rossi hosted the Choices Recovery Media Center, where she interviewed film festival attendees and notables about the growing problem of addiction in the US. Charity partner, Shriners For Children Medical Center’s hospital executives were also on-site providing information about their new facility opening in Pasadena, CA in July 2017 and educated attendees about how they, as an organization, help serve children, heal kids, give hope and change countless lives. Inside The EcoLuxe Lounge’s bar, where fundraising efforts to benefit the new medical center.

Today’s top music hits were spun by “Vanderpump Rules” star DJ Mike Shay of DAT DOPE GROUP while guests enjoyed comfort food with a modern twist, prepared by Executive Chef Dean Hottle from Snake Creek Grille located Heber, Utah. A non-GMO Modern Oats hot oatmeal bar, all served on RePurpose Compostables plates and flatware. Coffee by Park City Coffee Roaster and cocktails by Tito’s Vodka and TSINGTAO beerUtah floral designer, Betsy Borden of Dancing Daisies Floral, created an all-organic, living eco-mountain forest wall installation for special celebrity arrivals.  Veteran Canadian Olympian Mark Peros styled VIPs in CMFRCANADA, extreme winter, high-fashion coats. Barefoot ECO Outfitters dressed select stars in vintage-inspired, eco-friendly mountain apparel, while EPISCOPE premiered the launch of a new global app for writers, offering tools to get projects picked up. Whole Health Medical Group, a group of licensed Utah physicians, offered hangover, altitude, and anti-aging IVs for those interested to help replenish film-goers in their designated “Wellness Detox Spa”.  featured high-end skincare products for both men and women, while select name talent also received luxury resort stays at the ultra-private luxury 5-star Le Soleil d’Or Resort Cayman Brac – Cayman Islands – a top ten Caribbean boutique hotel on a 20 acre organic farm. With that said, world travelers especially LOVED Chariot Travelware’s new hi-quality luggage designs and inventions.  

Other brand sponsors included: Autism Foundation, Spalking About It, Colour Pop CosmeticsAnchor Almond Butter Toffee, John Paul Pet Awapoochi Shampoo, and more!




“EcoLuxe Lounge” Returns to Sundance 2017

The EcoLuxe Lounge is our favorite to cover at Sundance.  Why?  Because they are Eco friendly of course and they feature many local brands.  They take over the space at Blue Iguana at the top of Main Street. 

Here is what is happening:

This year the beautiful Gretchen Rossi will host Choices Recovery Media Center interviewing guests about the growing problem of addiction in the USA.   

Shriners For Children Medical Center partner hospital executives will be on hand to provide information to guests. 

Can’t wait to admire Utah (we love locals) Floral designer Betsy BordenDancing Daisies Floral, Betsy Borden, Dancing Daisies Floral is creating something spectacular: an organic,  living eco – mountain forest. 

Chef Dean Hottle from Snake Creek Grill Snake Creek Grille in Heber, Utah will serve up tasty eats.

Canadian Olympian Mark Peros will style Celebrities in his hi-fashion CMFR Canada CMFRCANADA  extreme winter, high fashion coats while Barefoot ECO Outfitters dress select stars in  vintage-inspired, eco-friendly  mountain apparel. 

Lucky talent will receive luxury resort stays at the ultra-private luxury 5-star Le Soleil d’Or Resort Cayman Brac - Cayman Islands - a top ten Caribbean boutique hotel on a 20 acre organic farm.

EPISCOPE is premiering a new app launching offering tools to get projects picked up. 

​This is awesome!!  WHOLE HEALTH MEDICAL GROUP  Whole Health Medical Group ​Licensed Utah physicians will offer Hangover, Altitude, and Anti-Aging IVs. to replenish film-goers in our wellness Spa.

Celebrities will sip ​America’s original craft Titos Vodka their Gluten-free vodka cocktails & signature BLOODIES BAR accompanied by TSINGTAO, a BEER of imperial taste. 

DJ Mike Shay DAT DOPE GROUP is spinning on-the-boards.​  This is the EcoLuxe Lounge’s 10th year at Sundance.  -NKF





CatDance Film Festival 2016 During Sundance – Original Cat Films


Fourth Annual Event Also Debuted New Fresh Step® with the Power of Febreze

And The Winner Is

Catdance has always been at the forefront of creative cat cinema, and this year screened even more original cat films starring shelter cats. Simone introduced the best of the best on the big screen before presenting the coveted 2016 Golden Litter Scoop and - Official Selection Catdance 2016 $25,000 “kitty” to Mike Thompson for his film, “The Purfect Patsy.”



Rand Luxury Lounge at the St. Regis during Sundance 2015

The Luxury Lounge at the St. Regis Deer Valley plays host to multiple “Invitation-Only” film receptions over two days during the Sundance Film Festival. The guests of these events will be comprised of executive producers, directors, actors, editors, film investors, distributors, and exclusively invited VIP guests of the St. Regis.

Hors d’oeuvres shall be served during these private events as entertainment executives, media and St. Regis guests are greeted with signature cocktails and champagne. Brand categories include: Automotive, Private Aviation, Timepieces, Jewelry, Electronics, Cigars, Beauty, Spirits and more.  All of these events are By Invitation-Only.

The Rules of The Dance: What to Wear

Walking on Main Street today, I enjoyed the uncrowded streets, the hustle of the volunteers full of energy (that won’t last for long), and the happily-employed local contractors finishing setup at dozens of marketing venues. Oh, and the hundreds of industry folk trying to get a handle on our town before the stars and VIPS arrive. You know, the PIBs. The People In Black.

Every year as Sundance approaches, the term PIB reenters our local vocabulary. I wonder why we struggle so much with the fashion choices of the Sundance crowd. Really, who are we to judge? Parkites live in our own fashion bubble. In our recreation-rich town, most people are clad in some sort of exercise gear at all times. Wearing yoga clothes all day long is a symbol of a healthy lifestyle. I think it’s a local ordinance that residents must be wearing at least one Thinsulate item on their person at all times. If I’m meeting girlfriends for a nice lunch in town, I’ll wear my newest Lululemon pants just to make an effort. My attorney came to court wearing a blazer and skirt over her spin clothes, like some sort of exercise superhero ready to jump on a stationary bike at any moment. In our town, status is earned by the number of Ragnar stickers you have on your Outback, and fashion is the garage shelf full of time-worn Sorrel boots and the duct-taped $280 Patagonia jacket. We couldn’t live like this, dress like this, anywhere else in America.

So how did we become the Guardians of Sundance Fashion? And why do we deem PIBs in violation of the fashion code? There isn’t actually anything wrong with donning 6 or 7 layers of black. I’ll bet that giant fake fur vest is really comfy when you settle into a metal stadium seat for a documentary screening. And while stilettos on our uneven and icy sidewalks may seem impractical and at times hilarious, the wearer may end up helping our local economy by a trip to the emergency room for an x-ray.

My prevailing theory is that Park City locals don’t actually own a lot of real clothes. This puts a lot of pressure on us during Sundance. Still, I want to look hip, cool, sophisticated while participating in festival activities. So I will dig out the boring black pants, the drab black sweater, and the bleak gray scarf for a hint of color. (Tip to locals: make sure you lint-brush the dog hair off your black Sundance clothes, it’s a dead giveaway that you’re a local and own 2 dogs). Standing in movie lines and walking on Main Street, I will smile knowingly at other locals in their PIB clothes, comforted in the knowledge that we’ll all be back to our 24/7 gymwear in 10 short days. It’s just part of the dance.


Every Good Movie Needs Music

ASCAP’s annual event at the Sundance Film Festival, the Sundance ASCAP Music Café, will feature performances by Scott Weiland, Andrew Dost of fun., Lindsey Stirling and Jamestown Revival, among other acts, the organization announced.The Music Café will be located at Rich Haines Gallery (751 Main Street in Park City, UT). It kicks off on Jan. 23 and runs throughJan. 30. All performances occur during the day. See a complete schedule of performances at


KEEK is the Official Video App of Find Your Grind and Learn to Ride at Sundance

Mobile Video Social Network KEEK Provides Once in a Lifetime Opportunity for Snowboard Enthusiasts to Learn to Ride With Pro Snowboarder Luke “Dingo” Trembath and More at Sundance Film Festival 

Keek is sponsoring a Contest where one lucky winner and a guest will win a 4-day VIP trip to Park City, Utah.  To enter, participants must download the Keek app and highlight their “hidden talent” in a 36 second video, hosted on Users should be creative and demonstrate any skill.   The top 100 videos submitted with the most number of social “likes” are eligible to win the Grand Prize trip. The winner will be announced January 19, 2015